From the simplest to the most complex, with the correct design and printing team, brochures can be a powerful sales tool. A poorly designed and printed brochure can reflect badly on you and will not win business in today’s climate.

Banks Printers offers complete brochure printing solutions from quantities as little as 10 to large scale print productions of many thousands.

Need A Little Help?

Don’t be confused by the many options available when selecting your brochure. The following will provide you with tips and explain the terms we use so you can get the finished product exactly to your requirements when ordering:

  • Size – There are a number of brochure types and sizes available for printing, from A6 to A4, Click Here for a size guide. Sometimes small and slick brochures will be appropriate for your needs but sometimes you may require bigger, it’s all down to your personal taste but we can advise you on what we think from our own experience and expertise if you wish.
  • Paper – The type and weight that you choose can make a big difference to your brochure printing project. We offer speciality covers which include:
  1. Matt Art (Matt finished card)
  2. Glossy Card
  3. Hammered Card (Hammered effect on the card)

With paper inserts, or you can have full 130gsm glossy paper throughout.

  • Design – If you need help with designing your project, our design team are happy to help. They will ensure your brochure looks perfect, has it’s corporate brand identity and will meet your requirements effectively and above all communicate your product/services to your clients.
  • Graphics – In today’s world it’s all about image, so wise selection of your photographs and any other images in your brochure is vital. Delphine, our in-house photographer has experience and qualifications in photography and can take care of all your photographic needs from a simple visual graphic to taking your photos of your products to go into your brochures or supply the images for the internet. She is also on hand to offer free advice if required.
  • Finishing Touches -Add an extra touch of metallic foil laminate to make your brochure really stand out and look professional, we have a different range of colours and textures of foils.

If you prefer to design your own project please speak with us before you commence and we will offer free guidelines on the best and easiest methodology from start to finish. Alternatively, if you are on a tight budget you could type all the text up for instance and we ‘tweak’ the job and add that extra j’e nais sais quoi.

Finally, if you are as sick of reading all this drivel as much as I am of typing it up then pick up the phone and talk to me on 07717518167. – John O’Hanlon.